Club Activities: FCARC 2013-2014 Calendar

Revised 8/17/2014

The FCARC club year is September to August. We begin planning the next year's activities each summer.

The club meets every month except July and August. The December meeting is a potluck Holiday Party. The June meeting is the annual business meeting and election of officers. All other meetings are combinations of business and program meetings, often with guest speakers. The monthly meetings are held at the Greenfield High School, usually on the third Monday of each month. The school is not available on Monday holidays, and when there is a holiday conflict the meeting will be held on the previous or the next Monday.

In 2014 we will revive the custom of having a club picnic on a Saturday in May instead of a Monday meeting at GHS. The E-Board will also meet at the picnic.

We have a monthly Saturday breakfast. This will usually be on the Saturday before the third Monday. Activities such as fox hunts may be scheduled following the monthly Saturday breakfasts.

E-Board meetings will normally be held before regular meetings, with the board meeting at 6 p.m. and the membership meeting at 7:15. All members are welcome to attend E-Board meetings. Summer E-board meetings are at 7 p.m.

The schedule may vary due to factors such as school snow days or conflicts with public service events.

The Volunteer Examiner team holds Amateur Radio license examination sessions on the fourth Monday of August, November, February, and May. Dates for 2013-2014 are August 26 2013, November 25 2013, February 24 2014, May 26 2014, and August 25 2014.

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 Sep 1  all      Annual dues are due  
 Sep 14  Sat  8 a.m.  Club Breakfast  Denny's, Greenfield  
 Sep 16  Mon  6 p.m.  E-Board meeting  GHS  
 Sep 16  Mon  7:15 p.m.  Meeting &
 GHS: Chet, N1XPT on D-Star  
 Sep 29  Sat    Food Bank
 Public Service (tentative)  
 Oct 19  Sat  8 a.m.  Club Breakfast    Denny's  
 Oct 20
 Sun  1 p.m. for
 radio ops
 Crop Hunger Walk
 Shelburne Falls
 Contact Phil Grant, N1YPS to ask
 questions or volunteer.
 Oct 21  Mon  6 p.m.  E-Board meeting  GHS  
 Oct 21  Mon  7:15 p.m.  Meeting &
 GHS: Chris KB1NEK on Community
 Organizations Active in Disasters
 Nov 16  Sat  8 a.m.  Club breakfast  Denny's, Greenfield
 Fox Hunt after breakfast!
 Nov 18  Mon  6 p.m.  E-Board mtg  GHS  
 Nov 18  Mon  7:15 p.m.  Meeting &
 GHS:Tech Demos
 N1AW, WA1QKT, more(?)
 Nov 25  Mon  7 p.m.  VE license tests  Northfield Unitarian Church   info
 Dec 9  Mon  7 p.m.  E-Board mtg   (meeting cancelled)  
 Dec 14  Sat  8 a.m.  Club breakfast   Denny's, Greenfield  
 Dec 16  Mon  6 p.m.  Holiday Potluck   Greenfield High School cafeteria  
 Dec 31  Tue  11:50 pm  New Year's net  146.985 MHz  
 Jan 1  Wed  9 a.m. for
  radio ops
 Sawmill R. Race
 Montague Center
 Contact Al Woodhull N1AW for
 info or to volunteer.
 Jan 13  Mon  6 p.m.  E-board mtg    (*)
 Jan 13  Mon  7:15 p.m.  Program Meeting   GHS:Paul Siqueira, AB1UV:
  Satellite Remote Sensing
 Jan 18  Sat  8 a.m.  Club breakfast  Denny's, Greenfield  
 Feb 1  Sat  9 a.m. for
 radio ops
 Sleigh Bell Race
 Contact Chris Myers KB1NEK
 for info or to volunteer.
 Feb 10  Mon  6 p.m.  E-board mtg  GHS  (*)
 Feb 10  Mon  7:15 p.m.  Program Meeting  GHS  (*)
 Feb 15  Sat  8 a.m.  Club breakfast  Denny's, Greenfield  
 Feb 24  Mon  7 p.m.  VE license tests  Northfield Unitarian Church  
 Mar 1  Sat  8:30 p.m.  MTARA Hamfest  Chicopee Moose Lodge  info
 Mar 15  Sat  8 a.m.  Club breakfast  Denny's, Greenfield  
 Mar 17  Mon  6 p.m.  E-Board meeting  GHS  
 Mar 17  Mon  7:15 p.m.  Program Meeting:
 GHS:   Antique Radios, contact
  Al Woodhull N1AW  for info .
 Apr 19  Sat.  8 a.m.  Club breakfast   Denny's, Greenfield  
 Apr 28  Mon  6:00 p.m.  E-board mtg  GHS  (*)
 Apr 28  Mon  7:15 p.m.  Meeting &
 GHS - Barry Baines, WD4ASW
 President AMSAT
 May 17  Sat.  8 a.m.  Club breakfast   Denny's, Greenfield  
 May 17  Sat  10 a.m -
 2 p.m.
 Tri-State Public
 Safety Day
 GCC - contact Al, N1AW
 for more info or to help
 May 26  Mon  7 p.m.  VE license test  Northfield Unitarian Church  
 May 31  Sat  Time TBA  E-board mtg  at the picnic!  
 May 31  Sat  11 a.m.
 - 5 p.m.
 Club picnic
 and May meeting
 Pearl Rhodes School
 (Leyden Elementary School)
 Jun 14  Sat.  8 a.m.  Club breakfast   Denny's, Greenfield  
 Jun 16  Mon  6 p.m.  E-board mtg  GHS  
 Jun 16  Mon  7:15 p.m.  Annual Meeting &
 Officers Election
 GHS: Program: Demo of N1MM
 Logger by Matt, W1MSW
 Jun 28/29 Sa-Su  all day  Field Day  Poet's Seat Tower, Greenfield  
 Jul 8-14  Tue -
 all week  WRTC 2014  Various sites in I-495 corridor  info
 Jul 17-19  Thu -
 All day  ARRL National
 Hartford CT  info
 Jul 19  Sat.  8 a.m.  Club breakfast    
 Jul 21  Mon  7 p.m.  E-board mtg  Plan next year, location home of
  Ron, K8HSF, 20C Phyllis Lane
  Greenfield, phone: 774-3102
 Aug 3  Sun  7 a.m.  Triathlon  Nash's Mill Rd., Greenfield  
 Aug 9  Sat  7 a.m.  Race  Bridge of Flowers, Shelburne Falls  
 Aug 16  Sat.  8 a.m.  Club breakfast   Denny's, Greenfield  
 Aug 18  Mon  7 p.m.  E-board mtg  Plan next year, location home of
  Ron, K8HSF, 20C Phyllis Lane
  Greenfield, phone: 774-3102
 Aug 23  Sat.  All day  Franklin Land
 Trust Bicycle Tour
 Deerfield - Vermont  
 Aug 25
 Mon  7 p.m.  VE license test  Northfield Unitarian Church  

Note: Our regular meeting place at GHS is not available on days when school is closed. Monday holidays sometimes interfere with our usual schedule of meetings.
* Martin Luther King Day is January 20, 2014 (3rd Monday) - Jan meeting will be Jan. 13
* Presidents' Day is February 17, 2014 (3rd Monday) - Feb meeting will be Feb 10
* Patriots' Day holiday is April 21, 2014. (3rd Monday) - April meeting will be April 28

The 2012-2013 FCARC calendar remains online here.


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